JV Sewage Solutions offers a full range of Septic Tanks, Sewage Systems, Percolation Areas, Pump Stations, Rainwater Harvesting Units and Reed Beds in Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

We offer a full installation service of Sewage Treatment Systems and Percolation Areas, or we offer a supply only service.

Septic Treatment Solutions is a cork based company that supply, service and install Water Treatment units in all counties of Munster.

We are experienced experts in installing and servicing,

repair and sales of treatment units, we provide a full range of Septic Systems, Percolation Units for Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare Waterford & Tipperary.

Domestic Septic Treatment Products in Ireland

Sewage Treatment Systems & Products

Our systems actively handle sewage treatment before safely discharging to the environment.

Treatment plants are ideal for single houses, up to 15 people, and employ the well proven aerobic biological process for the treatment of sewage. We install repair and provide maintenance of all Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems in Kerry, Cork and Limerick.

Reed Bed Products supplied for Ireland

Reed Bed Products Supplied

A reed bed is a natural filtration unit used in conjunction with a Treatment system to further enhance the quality of effluent into surrounding water course. A reed bed maybe required when local water authorities call for a better quality of effluent than that discharged from the standard.

We Supply & Install Rainwater Harvesting Products

Rainwater Harvesting Products & Systems

Supply & Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Products in Ireland. Our rainwater harvesting products offer economical solutions for water conservation in both your home and garden. Our affordable Rainwater systems are the most effective, practical and competitive solutions on the market everyday

Pump Stations Supplied for all area’s of Ireland

Complete Pump Stations Supplied

Pump Stations – Pumping stations are facilities including pumps and equipment for pumping fluids. Domestic sewage pumping, Effluent for sewage treatment plants, Surface water pumping systems, Septic tank pumps, 24 hour storage chambers, Custom/Bespoke systems

polished filter foundation waterford Cork Ireland

Pressurised Percolation Area

Quick & Professional Installation of Systems.

We install, repair and provide maintenance for all Sewage Treatment Systems and Pump Stations.

Stone Polishing Filter

Full Service and Maintenance Contracts

We offer Full Servicing and Maintenance Contracts for Sewage Treatment Systems in the Munster area.

Sewage Solutions Cork, Kerry and Lmerick

We build sand polishing filter boxes

Sewage Treatment Systems for New Builds

We supply a full range of Sewage Treatment Systems for New Builds.

Sand Polishing Filter Cork

We build Pressurised Sand Polishing Filters

Septic Tank Replacement.

We specialise in providing a complete replacement system for dysfunctional septic tanks in Cork/Kerry and Munster area.

We are the experienced professionals in Cork.

Free site assessment available.

Please email your details or phone 087 6891691.

Have the peace of mind of having your faulty septic tank repaired/replaced or re-installed by Professionals.


Services we provide: –
Septic Treatment Systems, Percolation Areas Pressurised Systems, Raised percolation Areas, Standard (“4” Pipework) Percolation Areas, Sand Polishing Filters, Rainwater Harvesting Units, Pumps and Pump Stations.

Septic Solutions Cork provide sewage treatment sales & services. Septic Treatment, Percolation Areas, Pump Stations, Rainwater Harvesting and Reed Beds in Kerry Limerick Clare Waterford & Tipperary.

We stock a large range of septic tanks for our clients in Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary and Waterford.